― The Asian Beauty Regimen -


Beauty × Osteopathy = Experiencing shining inner beauty

When you are in Japan, you surely could see many beautiful spectacles.
We at ALTURA use acupuncture and osteopathy from old martial arts that have been handed down from ancient times and offer you treatments so that you can express the health and beauty that you have experienced in Japan by yourself.

Don’t your friends say to you that “Japan has made you beautiful”?

About Beauty Acupuncture’s result
Beauty Acupuncture can solve many people’s problems.
For example,

And more for those who want to be beautiful to reserve!!!


Body Beauty Correction
For beauty and strength along with posture improvement
Contents of treatment
Body Beauty Correction
Duration / Charge
60 minutes / ¥20,000
Total Beauty
For both posture and facial beauty
Facial beauty acupuncture + Full body acupuncture + Posture improvement + Facial
Contents of treatment
Total Beauty
Duration / Charge
180 minutes / ¥100,000
Facial Beauty
Facial skeletal correction
Facial beauty acupuncture + Facial skeletal correction
Contents of treatment
Facial Beauty
Duration / Charge
90 minutes / ¥30,000
First class mind healing massage
For both body and mind treatment
Contents of treatment
First class mind healing massage
Duration / Charge
90 minutes / ¥50,000
Facial skeletal correction
Contents of treatment
Facial skeletal correction
Duration / Charge
30 minutes / ¥10,000

Beauty Acupuncture has immediate and continuous result.
Immediate result as in uplifting, whitening effect, eye refreshing and clearing.
Continuous result for acne, wrinkles, spots and skin slackening.
Beauty Acupuncture’s point
By acupuncture treatment, we aim for mental and physical health maintenance, enhancement, recovery and natural beauty based from health.
By stimulating skin’s pressure point and muscles with acupuncture, we can encourage the blood flow improvement’s and the internal body’s collagen generation’s work.
Skin’s slackening, small wrinkles, dullness, swelling, dark circles around the eyes, eyestrain treatment results can be expected.

About us

Leaving excitement of the journey
in your heart and appearance


  • Hideto Sasakura
    ALTURA Representative Director
    Hideto Sasakura

    A Judo reductionist educated from Osaka University of Physical Education.

    He was also selected as Japan Times ’100 people who will change the world’,
    And has been very active in the beauty and health industry.
    In addition to Judo, he practices old martial arts, and organize the Japanese
    Traditional resuscitation “KAPPOU”(Activism) and looks to promote this technique
  • Hideto Sasakura
    Yuuma Okamoto

    “Supporting with love”

    Giving many patients at an orthopedic clinic smiles and good results, leaving actual treatment results for over 15,000 patients.

    I’ve always thought that I want to go higher, bring out people’s impressions better. Then I met representative Sasakura, and I promised to keep on contributing good impressions and smiles to people who come to ALTURA for various reasons.

    Made-to-order treatment suited for each body as well as chronic disease, sports disease, headache, beauty acupuncture, skin improvement, insomnia treatment and more in many fields are in service.
    In which my specialized field expertise is ‘insomnia treatment and beauty acupuncture’.

    For those struggling with insomnia
    We render pleasant quality sleeps!

    For those having troubles with skin, pursuing beauty
    Not only the resolution, we bring out your good impression!

    Apart from giving you the result
    Beyond that, bringing out your good impression and smile.
    So please make sure to try out the ‘treatment filled with love’!!
  • Hideto Sasakura
    Osteopathic Clinic President
    Kazuma Nakajima

    ・Actual treatment results for over 15,000 patients.
    ・High school rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball trainer.
    ・A lecturer for health care seminar for local health stimulation.
    ・A seminar lecturer in Japan and abroad.
    ・A school seminar lecturer.
    ・Brain, heart, body synthesis theory and particular trans-muscular therapy combined new oriental trans-muscular therapy in DVD.
    ・Cooperative sponsor of T-FIVE Cup (volleyball based Japanese representative Takahiro Yamamoto).
    ・In charge of supervising aid in 1000 days to Tokyo Olympic event.
    ・Taking part in foot bath project.
    ・Corporate osteopathy for businesses.
    ・Osteopathic massage for celebrities.
    ・Taking many parts in various places’ common activity event.

    Leaving many proud results with 99.7% improvement rate for hunchback posture, chronic stiff shoulders from many diseases.
    Not simply only massage, in order to not feel stiff shoulders anymore in your life, no more bad postures, we are treating from the root with guaranteed complete recovery.
    We will keep committing to our patients’ goal of their desired figures.
    Because brain, heart and body, to unify these 3 is to have a good health.
    It is important to either however put yourself in a low stress condition or however relieve yourself from incorrect common knowledge. Also in order for the symptoms to not return, we want you to know more.

    Not ‘a repeating body creation’ but ‘an updating body creation’

    To taste the joy of when you reach your goal while enjoying your body changing is the greatest joy.

    I wish to keep on being the reliable ‘teacher Nakashima’ for whatever it is, keep holding onto the thought of ‘bettering the companion’ as my basis, and keep on updating my everyday self!

    So please make sure to try out the treatment that is filled with these wishes.
  • Hideto Sasakura
    Body Alignment Trainer
    Ryohei Hara

    “Passion” and “Joy”

    Experienced trainer from Ritsumeikan University rugby club, F league, Shriker Osaka, currently active as trainer at Nara culture High School volleyball club, rhythmic gymnastics club, NBK dreamers.
    Even only by changing your training or body usage, you can feel the ‘pain’ vanishing.
    Specialty in training guidance using Yoga and Body Alignment.
    Holding out
    ‘Tireless body creation’
    ‘Body performance raising’
    ‘Invulnerable body creation’.

    Or even as a coach for children’s futsal, soccer, showing the fun and joy of sports.


  • Head Office
    15-2 Isonokitacho, Yamato Takada-City, Nara
  • Osaka Office
    Landmark Fukushima 305, 8-8-3 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-city


ALTURA Corporation

•Head office: 15-2 Isonokitacho, Yamato Takada-City, Nara
•Osaka office: Landmark Fukushima 305, 8-8-3 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-city, Japan
•CEO: Hideto Sasakura
•Business Category: Academy school, Qualification, Franchise Headquarters